Jammin’ in the Kitchen

Yesterday, for the very first time, I made jam. Blackberry and apple jam.

It is a magical process, such a simple recipe and with such delightful results – I’m sure any jam makers reading will agree that the moment of beholding your own jar of jam is very special. I will absolutely be making many more jams!

It all starts with a massive 1.5kg of preserving sugar, 750g of freshly picked and peeled apples, and 1kg of foraged ripe blackberries.


After softening the fruit for around 30minutes in a large pan (read: cauldron) on medium heat, the sugar can then be dissovled and rapidly brought to a rolling boil.


All the while stirring continuously, scraping at the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking and burning. This is such a beautiful and mysterious part. It feels a little like potion making.


Eventually, after another half hour or so, and with careful checking of the bubbling mixture’s temperature, the pot is full of a rich red jam. The setting point should be checked – wrinkle test here! – and the thermometer reading at around 105 degrees Celsius.

Then its time to pot the jam. I used a large ladel and poured the steaming jam into some warmed jars. Although I managed to make an awful mess, it was very exciting.


The final result was worth it! Some delicious jars of my very own jam…




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