BooBoo has a Birthday


Today is his first birthday, and as a surprise I bought him a massive bag of new toys. Most of them had to be Kong toys, the extra durable tough toys that seem to last the longest with him – although they aren’t indestructible! – and just a couple fluffy cute squeaky ones that he goes mad for. I gave him each toy individually, away from the rest of the pack, and we both had some Mummy and BooBoo time playing together. The others did get to join in with the birthday celebrations, chasing around with a lot of squeaking and barking and scrabbling of claws as they darted from room to room.

Unfortunately Mr Moustachio, the fluffy teddy in the mix, suffered a fatal drooling bite to his majestic moustache and is now no longer with us. But the birthday party must go on! Later, I have a birthday cake planned for my not-so-little BooBoo. The recipe is fully dog safe and will be covered in tasty dog treats.

Its time for the pack’s mid-morning nap but later I will stick on here some pictures of the birthday boy and his pack ❤

See you soon!


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