Embracing the ‘fro


Okay, so I usually kind of hate selfies – don’t get me wrong, I take hundreds of them. But they always seem so…vain, unimportant and just plain ridiculous. But here I am, posting a picture of my face! The reason is: new make up and new hair(style).

Firstly, the make up. I’m trying out a contouring technique with my mum’s new makeup. Its a Beverly Hills contouring kit and has so far taken me a couple of days to get used to all the blending. I find that the brushes are most important for creating the effect – a small brush is needed for the areas around the eyes, while a couple of larger brushes for the cheeks and forehead. It certainly takes a long time to get it looking slightly more natural, rather than having dark dirty smudges across my face. With more practice I hope it will get easier.

Secondly, my hair! Okay, so I have always had afro hair, but the big difference here is that I didn’t really know how to care for it properly until a couple of months ago. Of course,  I should have just Googled it. But I wasn’t quite sure what to look for and to be honest, I’d never truly accepted my appearance until recently. Now its time for the fun to start!

I wash my hair weekly, and apply products to it daily (sometimes twice a day). The products I am using currently are mostly all from the Shea Moisture range – the curl enhancing smoothie, the conditioners and lots and LOTS of oil. I also have gotten into the habit of wearing a sleeping bonnet. It makes me feel ridiculous, but the outcome in the morning is definitely worth it. It stops the fabric of the pillows from stealing my moisture!

I’m on the look out now for more products and ideas 😙


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