Belated update on my life

I suppose it has been a very long time since I wrote anything at all, but that is not because nothing has happened. Instead, it is that too much has happened for me to even know where to start with a blog post.

So I guess I should just start!

The last couple of months of my life have been dedicated mostly to my final year research project – A.K.A. The Dissertation. This is one huge commitment and is filled with many nasty little surprises. Like figuring out how the hell to use SPSS.

SPSS is a statistical software, which would very conveniently help in the analysis of my quantitative data if I only knew how to use SPSS in the first place. It is like Microsoft Excel, but on steroids and then having been to the gym for about a year. In other words, it does fancy things with numbers if you know how to tickle it properly. Which, I do not. In fact, I have managed to squeeze out of it some descriptive stats and a few histograms…but that was after some long, tortuous hours and the results are not nearly enough to interpret the data set.

UGH! I hate stats.

On the other hand, the qualitative research side of things has been fun. Conducting interviews, carrying out observations and case studies…it is actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. Ok, maybe only a little bit more interesting than it sounds – but hey! next to stats it looks like a dream.

So aside from my day in, day out research there have been many other things happening too. Like learning how to drive – not that I have my license yet. In fact, the first practical test I failed in about 6 minutes. It was embarrassingly stupid but I was feeling pretty nervous and I knew that this bloody awful spiral round about was coming up – anyway, I was so focused on being in the right place and not dying on the roundabout that I forgot to look for the lights… You guessed it. I ran a red light.

Well, almost. The instructor slammed his foot down – “RED LIGHT LYNDSEY” – and I knew in that moment that it was over. But, instead of ending the test there and then in the first few minutes, I had to sit through the rest and drive through my manoeuvres knowing full well that it had been a waste of time and money and I was not getting that license.

Oh well. It happens. It wasn’t great to have wasted that money or sit silently on the drive home with my instructor with the sense that he was feeling more than a little disappointed…but you know what, it really doesn’t matter that much. It’s a driving test, not heart surgery – if I fail (and I did) then nothing truly bad happened because of it. Yeah, I have to take it again, spend more money, wait a little longer. But that is all extra experience added onto the fact that I am now super aware of the traffic lights on that roundabout – so, really, I am a better driver for it.

Other things happening are that I gained a penfriend! It has been quite exciting to get GOOD post, about things other than bank stuff and bills and pizza flyers. Finding out what someone is life, what their life is like, finding out who they are, and then sending off my own letters has been a lot more fun than I ever thought it would be. Sometimes, you really do just need small things to make your whole day seem much better.

I would need much more time to write about all the other things going on – which I will get round to! – but for now, I’m off to revise (sigh) and then sleep (yay).


I hope you have a great day 🙂




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