Meet the Pack


My sweet, sweet little Baby. A long-haired rottweiler with a huge heart and a nature as soft as candyfloss. This cutie will follow me around and then sit on my feet, his beautiful brown eyes sparkling as he looks up. At a year and a half, he still has little tufts of what looks like puppy fur, giving him the look of a fluffy bear.


Booboo is also a rottweiler, but he is just a pup at 10 months old. He may be young, but he is a little tough cookie! The most loyal and protective, he likes to watch everything I do. In the mornings, he pulls his blankey out of his bed and shows me, wandering around with it in his mouth and his head up high. Too cute!


This super model German Shepherd is called Dexter. He is 2 years old, and his favourite things are toys, toys and more toys! Even saying the word will get him up and barking to play. Dexter is a straight back, meaning he has grown very tall. He is a big and gentle giant, who loves to cuddle and sunbathe.


My golden oldie Rupert, the most special of them all. At 13, he has the air of a wise old man. Rupert has a humanlike stare, and seems to understand every word, gesture and emotion we show him.


This little old bun is Hazel, nearly 8 years old but still hopping around like a spring chicken! She loves to have adventures in the garden, digging away at the flower beds and snoozing in the shade.


A little bit camera shy, Bomber is 17 years old. Back in the day, she was a fiery huntress who kept her territory free of anything that moved. Now, she sleeps all day in my room, snuggled on her favourite blanket. She is very petite, and has the silkiest fur of any cat I know. Such a beauty!


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